hook and eye tape sewing machine

  • HS-120G Hook Tape Sewing Machine

    HS-120G Hook Tape Sewing Machine

    The display screen has Chinese and English language for switching, which is convenient for users to use. The machine has the features of automatic detection of tread breaking, no bottom line, lack of strap,lack of buckle. Once the machine breaks down, it will automatically stop running and display problems on the display screen. Hook induction, feeding tray stops automatically to save power and energy; Automatic protection, laser positioning, automatic stop of machine when material is lack. Hook and eye tape sewing machine can produce products with various specifications according to customer requirements. The production speed can be adjusted automatically, it can sew 90-120 buckles Hook and eye tape sewing machine is controlled by computer board for production, which makes the finished product more precise, reduces the rejection rate, and improves the quality and output.

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